“Very often when we make difficult decisions to purse a course of action, because the future benefits are perceived to be higher than the social and economic costs, there is a high degree of uncertainty surrounding those decisions.  If uncertainty is not properly managed, it can contribute to causing a lot of problems including loss of self-confidence, depression and aimlessness to name a few. Successfully managing uncertainty was one of the problems I had to deal with while trying to complete my studies and looking for a job.  That was the driving factor that led me to seek coaching assistance.

Understanding the merit and mutual benefits of engaging in a coaching program, I went in with an open mind ready to disclose challenges while embracing new ideas that would help me regained my self-confidence.  Through a trustworthy relationship with Scott and his capacity to question and link issues I had to deal with to theoretical models and management techniques, let alone my willingness to try them out, I was able to achieve the goals I took to the coaching program.  Through Scott’s supportive nature, I was able to capitalise on practicing the concept of appreciative enquiry while putting my understanding of emotional intelligence to work, thus gaining a better understating of how to deal with uncertainty.  At the end of the program, I am not only very pleased with the outcomes but I am also able to use my coaching experience in helping my friends.

If I am to explain coaching to someone who knows nothing about it, it would be like managing performance at work.  This is where the supervisor and the employee are engaged in a symbiotic relationship where issues affecting the employee’s performance are put on the table.  The supervisor would then seek to understand such issues and provide the necessary strategies and mechanisms to strengthen the employee’s capacity to perform.  If the process is successfully managed, the long-term benefits should far outweigh the cost involved in running the program.

Of the positive experience I received through the coaching program, I will be pleased to recommend my coach, Scott Barrow, to professionals, executives, athletes, students or anyone whom I perceive would benefits from a coaching program.

Thank you Scott for a job well executed.”

Etikeni Samani
Human Resource Manager (Generalist) - Westpac Banking Corporation
International Scholar – Australian Leadership Awards