“I had the fortunate opportunity to get to know Scott Barrow during the course of 2009. The chance to engage in some personal performance coaching was not something that I was looking for or had even considered so when the invitation was made, I entered the process with an open mind and with no pre conceived ideas.

Having now been through a number of one on one coaching sessions with Scott, I have been impressed and at times amazed at how the sessions have assisted my thought process and ability to think through scenarios in a very clear fashion. For me, the most obvious (and helpful) benefit was the very clear sense of clarity (and thus a strong sense of the most appropriate way forward) the sessions helped me achieve.

The process that is undertaken is under pinned by a strong sense of openness and mutual trust. Whilst Scott possesses an approach that allowed me to discover my own answers and solutions to the topics we discussed, it is very clear that he has a strong knowledge base and the type of analytical mind that can capture your own thoughts and present them to you in a way that offers great clarity.

As mentioned, I was not looking for this type of support, it just happened by chance. The fact that I have had such a positive experience is testimony to the power of the process. I believe that the process and approach that Scott applies is applicable to individuals and / or organizations and is capable of addressing a wide range of outcomes whether that be in sport, business or personal.”

Jon Haines
High Performance Manager
West Australian Football Commission