Liverpool Football Club

“Scott is an individual within the human performance world that possesses qualities few others can match. He successfully provides a unique combination of current sports conditioning practice with motivational and lifestyle development to allow an athlete to grow as a performer and as a person.”

Darren Burgess – Head of Fitness & Conditioning, Liverpool Football Club



“This coaching is the most useful and effective activity of capacity building I have ever participated in. My own sessions were designed on the basis of my own contexts, interest, experiences and vision. Mr Barrow was a tremendous coach to lead me to engage in developing my leadership capability through my own efforts, rather than imposing certain ready-made tips.”

Sindhu Dhungana PhD
Australian Leadership Award Scholar –  Leadership for Development Program
Ministry of Forests & Soil Conservation, District Forest Officer (Under Secretary) - Nepal


Melbourne Football Club

In all cases, the feedback has been exceptional. I have seen such positive change with people, some of whom I held little hope that they had this capacity such was their mindset. The simple objective is often the most challenging to achieve – clarity. More than any person I have worked with, Scott Barrow achieves this.”

Cameron Schwab - CEO, Melbourne Football Club


Westpac Banking Corporation

"Successfully managing uncertainty was one of the problems I had to deal with while trying to complete my studies and looking for a job….Through Scott’s supportive nature, I was able to capitalise on practicing the concept of appreciative enquiry while putting my understanding of emotional intelligence to work, thus gaining a better understating of how to deal with uncertainty." 

Etikeni Samani
Human Resource Manager (Generalist) - Westpac Banking Corporation
Australian Leadership Award Scholar:  Leadership for Development Program


Fremantle Football Club

“I first approached Scott Barrow when I was going through a pretty tough time in my life. Basically I wasn’t happy with the direction my life was taking. After meeting with Scott on a few occasions, we were able to identify certain areas of my life which weren’t going well and they were having an effect on other specific areas. By identifying these problem areas we were able to isolate those particular problems and then design strategies to go forward with….”

Paul Haselby – AFL footballer 2000-2010, Fremantle Football Club



“Scott, things are starting to happen. Since you gave me a kick up the bum and encouraged me to write with more passion things are changing. I can feel it. It’s starting to make sense. It feels great. I’m connecting with people on a higher level and starting my own golf school is much better than the other crap. I couldn’t care less about SEO or the other bullshit.”

Cameron Strachan – Automatic Golf Coach, GolfGooRoo 


West Australian Football Commission

“I had the fortunate opportunity to get to know Scott Barrow during the course of 2009. The chance to engage in some personal performance coaching was not something that I was looking for or had even considered so when the invitation was made, I entered the process with an open mind and with no pre conceived ideas….”

Jon Haines – High Performance Manager, West Australian Football Commission


Subiaco Football Club

“In 2007 I approached Scott for a role at the Subiaco Football Club. The following year, Scott became Head of Conditioning. In a short space of time it was evident that his skill set was broader than the parameters of the role to which he was initially employed. Since that time I have worked with him in both a team environment and on an individual level….”

Scott Watters
Senior Coach, St. Kilda Football Club, AFL
Premiership Defensive Coach, Collingwood Football Club, AFL
2 x Premiership Senior Coach, Subiaco Football Club, WAFL



“Scott and What’s Possible were commissioned by my business to support and encourage my staff to achieve a better work life balance, to be happier within themselves and really achieve the best ‘What’s Possible” outcomes for themselves. In business terms this investment was great value for money with significant returns evident with reduced absenteeism’s and increased productivity…”

Jennifer Kenyon – Director, Subicare