“When I first met Scott Barrow I wasn’t sure I needed any coaching. I was confident that my performance was going in the right direction and that any coaching wouldn’t be beneficial. Plus, I was skeptical of this kind of thing – I had once spent a fair bit of money working with a guy who turned out to be full of hot air.

But I was completely wrong.

After the first session with Scott I knew I was onto something. His relaxed and conversational style suited me to a tee and allowed me to open up and dig deep with issues that were holding me back (I shared some stuff that I haven’t told anyone else).

Since then I’ve had a full range of sessions and I’ve been extremely happy with the results:

  • I’m now working on more meaningful things rather than doing “boring” stuff
  • Created new products that my clients love
  • Pushed the boundaries and held Australia’s first ever Natural Learning Seminar on golf
  • Getting less distracted and better able to deal with issues

I highly recommend Scott Barrow if you’re looking at getting more done within your work hours and challenging yourself further. He doesn’t back down and pushes you to get to where you really want to go. We call this the FUN stuff. 

He’s a great guy and if you’re thinking Scott can help you then you’re probably right.”

Cameron Strachan – Automatic Golf Coach, GolfGooRoo