Fremantle Football Club – Australian Football League


At the end of 2005, I left Port Adelaide Football Club where I was working as a physical preparation & performance coach, to live in Perth. I was considering where I was going with my coaching and after some reflection and guidance from Jeff Simons, a sport psychologist colleague, I decided to expand my technical coaching expertise into the domain of professional coaching – coaching as it applies to any pursuit.

Fast forward to October 2007. I’d developed my professional coaching skills through formal education at Curtin University and Coachschool (who I can’t recommend highly enough), and informal learning and practice with clients over the last 2 years. I had an idea for AFL player performance and well being which would incorporate all I’d learnt working with and preparing elite athletes, with the ability to facilitate learning and outcomes for people in areas I had no specific expertise in. I approached Cameron Schwab, the CEO at Fremantle Football Club, to get feedback on the idea and within 5 minutes he suggested we trial me as a consultant.


The brief:

  1. Work with the very experienced player Paul Haselby, who had just a couple of days earlier, requested extra support.
  2. Ensure Paul was extremely well prepared for the 2008 season
  3. Do extra physical training with him away from the club
  4. Get him clear and focused on what he wanted and needed to do for the season
  5. Keep in close contact and report back to the Physical Performance manager Ben Tarbox


“I first approached Scott Barrow when I was going through a pretty tough time in my life. Basically I wasn’t happy with the direction my life was taking. After meeting with Scott on a few occasions, we were able to identify certain areas of my life which weren’t going well and they were having an effect on other specific areas. By identifying these problem areas we were able to isolate those particular problems and then design strategies to go forward with….”

Paul Haselby, 2000-2010
Fremantle Football Club




The results were outstanding. Not only from my perspective, but also Paul’s, and key people in the club. Ben was really happy and at one stage Mark Harvey, the senior coach at the time, said to me, “Whatever you’re doing with him, just keep doing it.” Another glowing endorsement was when the CEO Cameron Schwab, contacted me in amazement, at the change in Paul as person and professional athlete. As a result I started working with him as well.
Paul Haselby – player

  • had the best pre-season he’d ever had
  • had his lowest ever skinfolds (a good indicator of being organised, committed & focused)
  • reached his goals of satisfying training, hard but efficient work, and minimised body stress
  • shifted key club decision makers’ perceptions of him

Byron Schammer – player

  • from when I started working with him mid season, he went from being an emergency player 2 weeks in a row to being their best player in the 2nd half of the season
  • finished 3rd in their club Best & Fairest award
  • offered and signed a new multi year contract

Cameron Schwab – CEO

  • gained significant clarity and resolution on a major decision he was making at the time
  • later said to me “you changed my life.”

James Begley – Learning & Development Manager

  • used me to help clarify options and decisions in his life
  • determined how to proceed with a significant project at the club


“I had heard from a friend about how powerful Scott’s work was and I was at a stage in my life where I was lacking motivation and yearned for success, but without the tools or vision to be able to head in the direction I so wanted….” 

Byron Schammer, 2003-2011
Fremantle Football Club



Working with Fremantle FC, I got affirmation again that my ideas and approach works, and there is a massive need for this type of service in AFL clubs, both for staff and players. This could act as a way of growing a culture of using other “mind based” support services such as clinical psychology, sport psychology and bodymind training.

For me it was where personal satisfaction in my coaching “performance” was met with excellent results for the people I worked with.


“Scott facilitates in a very non directive way, which provided me the space to organize my thoughts and work through any road blocks which were in front of me. By asking the right questions, listening at the right time and directing appropriately Scott managed to drill down to the core of what was going on in my professional life and allow me to build suitable short/long term goals. If you are busy and you need to schedule some thinking time into your week, then I would highly recommend Scott.” 

James Begley – General Manager – Leadership & Development
Fremantle Football Club