Executives & Business Owners

Do you feel like because of your position, you can’t really open up to anyone about work? 

Do you have to make complex decisions that affect many people and influence critical outcomes? Maybe work’s going well but the rest of your life not so good?

I work with people like you who want breakthroughs beyond the latest technical skills and information. Those who want to be adaptable learners to deal with the ever-changing environment they work in. They require high levels of self-awareness and authenticity, and need to be crystal clear in their thinking.

My work with people in your position usually involves 3 interrelated areas that strongly influence results: 

  • Time –  for yourself to reflect and for better balance in work and life
  • Clarity – for good decisions and productive ways of seeing yourself, situations and your world
  • Self Belief – stemming from clarity, challenged by professional demands & supported by time

Contact me here if this sounds good to you.

What do you get?

  • A safe, confidential space to talk, be heard, reflect and share your deeper thoughts with someone outside the organisation.
  • Powerful conversations for you, that give clarity and strong purpose to your existing skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Bodymind training and learning that directly applies to your well being and specific professional aspirations.
  • Movement sessions to develop mindfulness, learning and living for clarity and stress relief.
  • Opportunity to align professional and personal values and goals for efficient, sustainable outcomes.

Examples of areas you could look at?

  • Learning, achievement & success
  • Authentic leadership and leadership development
  • Organisational culture
  • Relationships, communication & effective conversations
  • Work-life balance & personal fitness
  • Self care, well-being & burnout
  • Creativity, decision-making & strategy
  • Confidence, risk taking & stress
  • Time & self management

You’re always looking for resources, are you ready to access your own?