For more than 20 years, Scott Barrow has been coaching people who want to achieve more, and be better. This has been with many different sports, athletes and coaches in high performance environments including the AIS, VIS, and multiple AFL clubs. Scott now works with committed cyclists, offering body-mind performance coaching to help them be better on the bike and get more satisfaction from their riding - From the hungry high performance racer, to the weekend warrior, to the 50 year old who wants to beat their mates or enjoy their riding more.

Scott Barrow Body-Mind Performance Coach

Scott Barrow
Body-Mind Performance Coach

Scott Barrow
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)
Post Graduate Diploma (Sport & Exercise Science)
Diploma (Coaching Psychology)
Certificate (Professional Coaching)
ACC level coach - International Coach Federation


Scott will help you:

  • Bring back your “form” - overcome physical limitations, and dissolve your excuses
  • Do more of what you love - get rid of pain during or after riding, create more opportunities

  • Stop getting dropped - improve your on-bike power, efficiency and capacity

  • Get out of your own way - remove internal blocks and get your thinking working for you not against

Scott's time in performance level sport has given him an array of experience and skills. His methods for cyclists include:

  • body-based training, tailored exercises and rehabilitation

  • on and off-bike movement assessment

  • targeted professional coaching conversations

  • video analysis

As much as he's tried to resist, Scott has gradually become a cycling nut, and loves to share his skills with other riders who are keen to perform better, develop, improve and love their cycling even more.

Get touch with Scott here.