Conversational Coaching

You might know what physical coaching is but what’s a “targeted coaching conversation”?

Coaching conversations are the primary medium of Professional Coaching.  Also known as personal or life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, performance and leadership coaching – professional coaching is designed to help people produce breakthrough results in their personal and professional lives.

How does it work?

Through a series of deliberate client driven conversations designed to assist clarity, generate options and solutions, and commit to action for positive change.

Coaching sessions usually go for 60-90 minutes, and can be done by phone or skype, but face to face is preferred. Group coaching is only face to face.

My coaching relationships begin with a 4 session commitment followed by whatever session arrangement is agreed on. Session frequency is usually fortnightly or monthly but sometimes weekly.

Will it work in your situation?

Lets talk further about it. Free. No obligation. Contact me here.

Physical Coaching

Are you sick of the same old ways of training? Is it starting to lose it’s shine?

Do you want to be more active but your body is no good or you get in your own way and lack consistent habits?

Would you like physical training that not only improves your health and well being, but also your professional capacity and intelligence?

My solution and offer is to create training sessions and physcial activity experiences where learning is always present and reflected on, challenge exists beyond just work rate, and development of the whole self can occur. My training is transferrable, effective, fun and I train you to enjoy movement for what it is as well as using it as a means to reach your physical goals.

I train people for:

  • health, fitness & performance
  • specific events & challenges
  • insights and breakthroughs for your profession
  • stress reduction & mindfulness through movement
  • exploring learning from other contexts

My bodymind approach maximises the meaning, satisfaction and results of being active you get. This improves training effectiveness, your physical body and health, but also yields learnings that transfer to other parts of your life.

So how am I different to personal trainers?

I can’t speak for all trainers out there but:

  • Rather than only focusing on physical work capacity in training, I also include movement skill and play elements as a basis for further development.
  • I work, over time, to reduce your dependance on me. I also know that to be sustainable and enjoyable, physical activity and exercise needs to integrate with people’s lives.
  • I also work to identify the deeper motivating factors that drive your behaviours and outcomes. I want to help you uncover stronger reasons to be active than vanity or fear. Physical activity then becomes genuinely enjoyable and sustainable across a lifespan.