The case against race (and shoes!)

There is much discussion on what determines and contributes to athletic performance. Popular stories of recent decades include the one that certain human races are better than others at certain events. One of the most common notions is that athletes from West African decent (Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria, West Indies, Jamaica, USA etc.) make for better sprinters and athletes from East African decent (Kenya, Ethiopia etc.) make for better distance runners.

Another notion is about wearing footwear when running. Everyone does it. But in other countries they don't. We are so conditioned to shoes, and shoes for running that parents even get uncomfortable when their kids aren't wearing shoes or request to take them off. A big industry surrounds and feeds off the assumption that we need specially designed shoes to run in.

This 20 minute interview from "The Health Report" on ABC Radio National presents information that challenges both these notions.

See you in your blisters,