Stop! The single best thing you can do for your health

In case you've lost your way again (and lets face it, we all do - we're human after all) below is a 9 minute video about the single best thing you can do for your health. It's really well presented with sound backing and great graphic communication. Have a look then read the rest of this piece below. 


Did you watch it? All of it? Good.


Of the many thoughts that this presentation can stimulate, 2 that come to mind for me are:

  1. We intuitively already know this, it just gets covered over for some us at times. Taking time to reflect, remind and remember this is important.
  2. While this is indisputable in our thinking, our actions don't always reflect it. Why might this be so? And how do we live being active in a deep, satisfying and sustainable way to reap the benefits Dr Evans talks about?

If you're one of those people who feels like you know the benefits mentioned above, but still don't quite live it the way you'd like to, get in touch with me. This is exactly the sort of situation I can help you in.